This is what democracy looks like!

Eat your hearts out Fox News, The Guardian, the Observer, The London Times…THIS is what democracy looks like!

After 14 years in power seven electoral victories, subversion by his enemies, unremiting media hostility from both the right wing and the so-called “liberal” press (yes, Rory Carroll we mean you) Hugo Chavez has taken the streets of Caracas by storm today.

Five huge avenidas are right now (1pm) filled to overflow with many millions of people all out for Comandante Hugo Chavez, his Socialist Party and his long project for consolidating national independence, liberation of the Americas from US domination, and the construction of a new socialist society in Venezuela.

His triumphant progress through the whole country in the these the last days of the presidential election campaign has been something miraculous to behold. Even in “marginal” or “swing” provinces where his political adversaries are strongest the crowds have numbered in their millions.

The fruits of the Bolivarian Revolution are hanging ripe now, growth is 5.6% in the first half of this year, wages are rising, new housing springing up, 22 new universities in full swing, 98% of the country eating three meals a day and a promise that by the end of this next term should he be re-elected on October 7th, every Venezeulan will live in a “dignified house”

Pictures of what is happening on the streets here right now are being broadcast via Venezuela’s new satellite – Miranda – their second, the only satellites in Latin America.

So the baying carping critics have no excuse. They can see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears, the cry of the poor, the young, the working people, the intellectuals, the minorities….All with one voice, all with one heart,

“Viva The Venezuelan Revolution!”

“Viva Socialism!”

“Viva Comandante!”

“Hasta la Victoria Siempre!”

| George |

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