About Red Molucca

This is the temporary journal of Molucca Media Ltd, a London-based media company established by George Galloway, a British parliamentarian over the last twenty five years, and a fighter for Peace, Justice and Equality throughout the world, together with his wife Gayatri, the Dutch-born Indonesian artist, anthropologist specialising in children’s rights and  executive partner at a communication consultancy group.

In George’s words: “she’s the brains and the beauty of the family”! To which Gayatri responds: “well, the brains more…”

Both will write regularly in this online journal (all COPYRIGHT by Molucca Media Ltd), responsible each for their own words and about all sorts of matters: from Revolutions to film reviews and the latest fashion, from science and health to sport and music, and much more!

GGG charcoal by Gayatri

 | GGG |

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