Mass Murder in Gaza: Déjà Vu

As the death toll mounts and the pile of lifeless children grows higher the same old suspects loom into view.

The Bush and Blair Corporation formerly known as the BBC plumbs new depths though. Three Israelis are “killed” whilst twenty times that number of Palestinians have “died” with the former of course deserving first billing in the story. I knew that Palestinian blood was cheap, just not quite that cheap.

Sky News (my phone IS on guys?) play follow the leader, Rupert Murdoch, dementedly tweeting his slavering support for Israel’s murderous attack.

Little Willie Hague the bon vivant Foreign Secretary takes to the floor of the House (as opposed to Geoffrey Archer’s) to dispatch verbal gunboats bearing “Great” Britain’s peremptory demands; foremost of which is that the victims of the mass murder must stop their aggressive behaviour. Even Gilbert&Sullivan couldn’t make it up.

The moral vacuum that is President Barak Obama says the same. That’s Obama who “couldn’t look at Netanyahu’s face” (as he conveyed to Sarkozy and millions more via an unguarded microphone) whose presidency the Israel lobby tried so hard to destroy. Obama who has no more need of any lobby, need raise no more campaign billions, who knows the truth but continues to tell the lies. Of them all it is of him for whom I feel most ashamed.

Then there’s the middle east “peace envoy” ( now THAT’s going well, huh?) the war criminal Tony Blair. Not since Caligula appointed his horse a pro-consul of Rome has there been a more grotesque appointment than that of Mr Blair as a middle-east “peace envoy”. Dripping in blood (pockets stuffed with blood money) from head to foot having climbed to his pinnacle over a mountain of dead middle-easterners. Blair too is very clear about it; its Hamas what is to blame!

As I once told a Sky News interviewer during an earlier part of the war six years ago (Anna…my phone IS on?) this crisis didn’t start when Sky news turned up…

Israel is murdering Palestinian women and children because there is Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

There is Palestinian resistance in Gaza because the 1.5 million people, mainly refugees, who live in Gaza have been under siege for more than five years, totally blockaded in what David Cameron called a “huge prison camp”, to punish the people there for how they voted in a free election. For Hamas.

The people are refugees because their country, Palestine, has been wiped off the map. Thirteen million Palestinians now live under siege, or illegal occupation, in illegally annexed territory, as third class “citizens” in what they call Israel, or in their millions as refugees and exiles outside of their country. The vast majority have no passports, papers, status, rights, or hope. What they do have are the titles to the houses and lands from which their families were driven by “Israelis. And they have their eternal legal and moral right to return to their homes.

The Palestinians could have resigned themselves to the destruction of their society by “superior” western, European, settlers more than sixty years ago. They could have quietly entered the museum of “Ex” nations. We could today be visiting that museum, viewing their garments in the glass cases, lamenting their lost culture.

But they refused to go quietly into that good night. They still exist because they resist. They will not be quiet. They will not surrender. Even if abandoned by the rotten rancid corrupt cowards who rule virtually every Arab regime. Even if abandoned by the so-called “Jihadists” who are too busy murdering other Arabs and Muslims to notice the Palestinian blood and tears running in rivers right by them. Even if every last western journalist, feasting upon their suffering turns their face away. As long as 100 Palestinians remain alive they will never surrender their rights.

Friends of “Israel”; know this. As long as there is no justice there will be no peace. As long as there is no peace in the middle-east there will be no peace in the world. You have been warned.

[George Galloway MP]

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The Al-Aqsa under fire -business as usual?

Last Friday in occupied Jerusalem, one of the holiest sites in Islam, the Al-Aqsa mosque was violently attacked during the Juma’a prayers – the most significant prayer of the week – by illegal armed “Israeli” settlers and then by foreign occupation soldiers firing live rounds rubber bullets, gas and stun-grenades.

The leaders of the Muslim “Ummah” (people), however, did precisely nothing about it, leaving western leaders to continue their bottomless support for “Israeli” crimes.

In other words: it was business as usual.

The western part of Jerusalem was violently seized and ethnically cleansed more than sixty years ago. The eastern part likewise, in 1967.

All demands by the so-called “international community”, the passage into international law of successive UN resolutions demanding “Israeli” withdrawal from the stolen property, have been treated with contempt.

Indeed, “Israel” has gone further and illegally annexed the Holy City of Jerusalem, an annexation recognised by nobody. This recognition however, has now been promised by both Mitt Romney and President Barak Obama over the last few weeks.

The ethnic cleansing and Judaeisation of Jersualem has been well charted elsewhere, best of all by the Jewish academic Illan Pappe in his book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006), who is now in exile at Oxford University and a hero and intellectual giant of the struggle for justice for the Palestinian people.

What happened last Friday is just the latest terrorist attack upon Palestinian Muslims in their own city, but its significance to the nearly two billion Muslims in the world cannot be underestimated.

If Jerusalem is no ordinary city, then the twin Mosques on the Haram al Sharif – the Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock – are no ordinary Mosques.

Before Mecca was liberated by the Muslims in 624, Jerusalem was, because of its significance to the People of the Book, their first direction for prayer.

And it is from the roof of Al-Aqsa, Muslims believe, the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) ascended to the heavens on the Night Journey, where he met and prayed with earlier Prophets (peace be upon them) like Abraham, Moses, Enoch, Joseph and Jesus, and returned with Revelations.

The sight of fire, smoke, clouds of gas and the sound of guns and grenades erupting from the weapons of foreigners from Brooklyn, London, Paris and Moscow last Friday in such a holy place reverberates mightily.

The sound of silence from the Muslim leaders however, echoes even louder.

Many Muslims will contrast their inability to even raise a finger in defense of the Al-Aqsa, with their hyper-activity, guns and money being spent in attacks upon other Muslims, whilst “Israel” destroys the Arab character of Jerusalem.

And they will be nursing their wrath, to keep it warm…

[George & Gayatri]